The "1856" The Musical soundtrack includes 23 tracks and over 60 minutes of stirring music. The music is the product of Cory Ellsworth. Randy Kartchner and Mildred West Wiseman Packard (see the Background tab as well as the Biographies tab).

Many talented musicians contributed to this work. Randy Kartchner - producer, arranger, songwriter - has created beautiful music throughout his distinguished career but some believe that his work on this project is his finest work to date. Mildred West Wiseman Packard worked tirelessly on lyrics, melodies, and song structures and  contributed to the script.

The artists whose voices are heard on the soundtrack include Joseph Paur, Thurl Bailey, Felicia Sorensen, Barry Gibbons, Lucie Gibbons, Jamie Kay Alston, John M. Alston Carolyn Noble Speakman, Sharon Norris, RaShel Kartchner Ferrin, Paul Noble, Lena Noble, Freddie Ashby, Aubrea Gibbons, Michael Lowell, Guy Gibbons, James Noble, Robert Noble, Judd Maher, Elijah Cardon, Jr., Roger Hoffman, Randy Kartchner, Brook Gibbons, Matt Cropper and Michael Gibbons.

  1. 1.Overture

  2. 2.Watch It Roll

  3. 3.Come, Come, Ye Saints

  4. 4.I Long To Go

  5. 5.Lovey Dovey

  6. 6.I’m Free

  7. 7.Lullaby

  8. 8.Anchors Aweigh

  9. 9.Walking To Our Zion

  10. 10. Feelings Of The Heart

  11. 11. Levi

  12. 12. When Will the Sun Rise?

  13. 13. Who Will Go

  14. 14. Lullaby (Reprise)

  15. 15. Feelings Of The Heart (Reprise)

  16. 16. A Mother’s Voice

  17. 17. I Long To Go (Reprise)

  18. 18. As the Angels Come For Me

  19. 19. A Rescue Awaits Us

  20. 20. Bonus Track - The Spirit Of God

  21. 21. Bonus Track - The Handcart Song

  22. 22. Bonus Track - As They Pass By

  23. 23. Bonus Track - The Handcart Song/As They Pass By